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Train for Compliance offers an array of training and education solutions which assist healthcare professionals and organizations in implementing cost effective healthcare compliance programs and in complying all law and regulation applicable to the healthcare industry. Train for Compliance provides training and education solutions, including an extensive set of Internet-based courses, a team of on-site trainers, and special access the national audioconferences sponsored by Compliance Audioconferences, www.ComplianceAudioconferences.com, and conferences sponsored by the Health Care Compliance Congress Conference series, www.ComplianceCongress.com, educational partners of Train for Compliance. Train for Compliance products and services are uniquely customizable to the institution, both in content and appearance, and permit the issuance of a number of categories of healthcare continuing education credit to participating students.

Train for Compliance offers general educational and training materials, not legal advice. If you need advice, please consult an attorney.

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